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The Layers of Luxury Vinyl Plank

Not all click luxury vinyl planks are created equal. Often referred to as: waterproof laminate/plank, LVT, LVP, SPC and WPC for the simplicity purposes I will use the term vinyl plank. To the naked eye one cannot determine resiliency nor scratch resist with the naked eye.

The layers do matter. From backside to front you can find on MOST vinyl planks an attached acoustical pad. This helps with both sound and warmth. The core is typically comprised of a vinyl and stone composition. The solid polymer core is rigid and waterproof. On top of the core is where you’ll find the image layer; which I call the pretty layer. Color, texture and a design finish is often the determining factor when selecting your floor.

By far the most important layer of a vinyl plank is the wear layer. Wear layers of 6, 8, 10 mill are considered inferior and not sold at Lange flooring center. 12, 20, 22 and 30 mill products offer superior resiliency and crucial to meet the wear and tear an average family and light commercial environment holds. Consulting with one of our flooring experts will ensure the “pretty layer” your drawn too will also provide the needed resiliency for your environment.