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Imagine updating your home with fresh new carpet. The feeling is uplifting, and carries into the enjoyment of your home, your family, and your life! Lange Flooring Center offers residential carpet to Grand Haven, Muskegon, and surrounding area residents. Visit our showroom to discuss your ideas with our professional, experienced team members.

(Including Berber)
In loop styles (in which all yarn loops are uncut), yarn can be tufted in loops of even or varied heights. Level, even loop heights create a uniform surface, while varied heights create appealing designs. Loop carpets are ideal for rooms in which stylish design and texture are desired. Extremely durable and practical, loop carpets provide maximum durability for high-traffic areas with lots of activity. In addition, these styles are superior at maintaining long-term appearance, and they hide footprints well.

Cut-and-loop carpets in which uncut loops dominate are also excellent choices for active areas.

(Including frieze’)
Twist styles (in which yarn loops are cut and twisted tightly together), are today’s most popular carpets. Casual, fashionable, and soft, they are also durable. They give rooms a fresh, updated look. Twist carpets offer an exceptional color range that includes solid and heathered looks. These styles hide footprints and vacuum cleaner marks beautifully. In general, the higher the twist level, the better the carpet’s performance.

Recommended for: Bedrooms, sitting rooms, media rooms, and living rooms.

Vendor pricing does not reflect Lange discounted pricing. Call us for Lange’s discounted shelf price.

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